Earth Day Sustainable Fashion Gallery

The Philadelphia Fashion & Garment Industry Task Force has gathered local designers working in the space of sustainability to create a window display to share on the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, and for us to consider different ways we can personally take responsibility. The window display is available for public viewing from April 26th - May 5th at the old Modloft location at 321 South Street. Weaving is a language for me to bring materials together in a structured space that accepts many types of media. Configuring what I use, which is, textile waste and single use plastic allows me to arrange these items in a way that allows us to appreciate them as a material and more importantly open a conversation around how to limit all of this waste in our daily lives.

From left to right: Joanne Litz, Rachel Mednick, Anne Millman, Janell Wysock, Conrad Booker