Huntingdon Yarn Mill and Made In America Yarns:

Looking to find a local yarn supplier, I was so fortunate to met Fay Jaraha after calling the yarn mill to connect about getting any mill ends. I was looking to find consistent access for supplies I could use for both teaching as well as producing my home and body line. She was so gracious and we arranged a meeting immediately and hit it off. They have worked with me as a micro business and small independent designer with such enthusiasm and true care. As a brand pushing to be as sustainable as possible and constantly reassessing the relationship of where and how we receive our goods to create, the mill has been vital. To keep our carbon footprint as small as possible we are so thrilled to have access to such a gem that is just 2 miles from our production studio. They have an amazing offering of various yarns for the public as well and supply many a weaver, knitter, and those needing yarn as their base media. I strive to make most of what I create in my studio practice with their product and also bring it to my students for their various projects. You can check out what they might have for you at:

Instagram: @madeinamericayarns