Color Under the Canopy

1 8 t h   S t r e e t   &   t h e   B e n j a m i n   F r a n k l i n   P a r k w a y

Color Under the Canopy was a project commissioned by the Center City District. I was asked to create a public display that could instill joy, energy, optimism, hope, and color throughout Sister Cities Park park amidst the fear and despair of the Covid-19 Pandemic, highlighting the park's main feature, its London Plane Trees. This project was meant to be a gentle reintroduction for those in quarantine to safely venture outdoors again - a much needed breath of fresh air from the monotony of our indoor spaces. I was inspired to create these vividly colorful tree wraps from breathable wool fiber from our local Huntingdon Yarn Mill. Each wrap is about 12 feet tall and were installed 10 feet off of the ground. This project was on display from September 2020 through March 2021.
Thank you to the hands that helped make this project possible:
Ron KitagawaCyndee Heisler Wishkovsky - Eden Skye Einhorn
Thanks also to  Huntingdon Yarn Mill for working with us to complete this project.