Traveling Tapestries

Traveling Tapestries

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Philadelphia Textile Artist and Fashion Designer, Janell Wysock is offering a new interactive six-week course entitled Traveling Tapestries. This course is meant to bring that creative spirit we all have to the surface and ignite it. We all have to prioritize things in life and often leave our creative ventures someplace on a high shelf that seems challenging to access at times. This is your chance to let that artistic side of you be in full expression and get excited about creating again, regardless of your preferred medium. Janell will teach weaving through a historical lens, referencing the artisans and craftspeople who came before us. This will give us a space to use our own imaginations and serve as a jumping-off point from which to leap into our own personal desires and how we choose to express them visually through weaving during this course. We will look both to the past and the future of how people envision textiles and weaving to engage our brains in a new conversation about what we make and why. Janell will offer creative, innovative ways to consider materials that are important and meaningful to a sustainable lifestyle, as well as their self-expressive capabilities in the work we will create, using unexpected materials and delving into the experience and importance of color. 

Participants will gain a new appreciation for our city’s outdoor spaces and relax their inhibitions in order to dive into their creative side without judgment. Working outside is the perfect way to access creative thinking, while also feeling empowered knowing you are treating yourself by setting aside time to create and connect with other artists. Some of us are accustomed to working tucked away silently in a studio alone so the time we have together may pose a freeing and different way to work through the creative roadblocks that may be standing in your way of starting and continuing projects. Enjoy various surprises built into the course such as poetry, sound therapy, and breathing techniques, bringing the arts together to construct a space of healing, wellbeing, and creative empowerment.

This course will be hosted at Parks on Tap at 640 Waterworks Drive Philadelphia, PA 19130. Each participant will complete the course with a finished project that will highlight their experience and act as a catalyst for ideas around where their passions lie, and as a reminder that we are all creative individuals capable of living sustainable lifestyles.



Dates: Saturday, September 18th and 25th, October 2nd, 9th, 23rd, and 30th.

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Location: 640 Waterworks Drive Philadelphia, PA 19130

Cost: $350

Contact for any questions.