Textile Thursdays Open Studio on Zoom

Textile Thursdays Open Studio on Zoom

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Come learn in a supportive community with other makers of all levels and around the globe.

We encourage people participating to bring projects or ideas they are willing to share and talk about with others to create a space of learning. People work on different techniques and in various materials so where there is idea exchange it ignites each person to grow and think about different ways how to expand their personal interests and their project at hand.

What people have made: 
- belts, dog leashes, bag handles, shoe laces (inkle loom)
- rag rug, chair cushion (peg loom)
- pot holder (basic square frame)
- tapestry and woven scarves and shawls (beginning frame loom weaving on the medium and large frame or triangle loom)
- table runner, scarf, tapestry, etc (table top 4 harness looms or 8 harness floor looms)
- rug, decorative pillow top (rug hooking loom)
- crochet projects (market bags, blankets, etc)
- embroidery samplers, sachets, stitched napkins and clothing
- pom pom making has produced decorative doorway entrances, garlands, and wreaths, as well as wall pieces

Materials, tools, and equipment provided when we meet in person and some equipment and tools are able to be delivered for a small fee and can be purchased or on loan with a deposit.

Ongoing every Thursday, 6-7:30 on Zoom.

Free on Zoom, donations generously accepted for $5. or whatever you choose.  We will offer this again at a physical location, once it is safe to offer again.

Sign up here and email Janell Wysock at janellwysock@gmail.com with dates you would like to participate in or if you need to borrow equipment for a project.