Potholder: Zoom Workshop

Potholder: Zoom Workshop

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Basic weaving at it's finest. Delve into color and pattern work while getting the basic concept of weaving and finishing in less than 2 hours. For those of you with 'potholder fever', we offer multiple classes at a discounted price when purchased as a package so you can do larger projects, such as a table runner or storage bins, out of multiple potholder pieces.

Materials to weave with and a frame can be dropped off to Philadelphia residents who plan to attend 3 classes for $60 with a loom deposit of $20. For those participating in a single class, a loom deposit of $20 plus a $10 drop off fee, return mail package will be provided.

Sundays, 2-4 on Zoom until we can additionally meet in our teaching space.
$25 for 1 workshop, or $60 for 3 workshops

Choose from the following Sundays:
August 16th, September 20th, October 18th, November 22nd.

Register here and email janellwysock@gmail.com with the dates you would like to participate in.